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The Horse & Jockey

The Challenge

Debbie and Brian decided to take on the Horse & Jockey in late 2019 with their anticipated entry date being 24th of March 2020. Despite the national restrictions being implemented only 4 days earlier they remained committed to the Horse & Jockey and their future at the helm. Not wanting to stand still they certainly used the lockdown period to transform what was a tired community local in a short space of time. They focused on improving the outside area and kitchen facilities which proved invaluable when restrictions were lifted.

 The Solution

Impressed with the improvements and enthusiasm Debbie and Brian gave the Horse & Jockey in such a short space of time, the projects team at Red Oak Taverns geared up for a major refurbishment of the premises. Works have included creating an outside bar and improved external facilities in the beer garden along with a full internal refurbishment. The project has also been complemented with a fantastic external signage, lighting and redecoration scheme. The business has been completely transformed into a family friendly local serving quality tapas style food, great ales and cocktails.

Debbie’s comments

“Taking on a pub as we entered a lockdown and then working with the restrictions on trading forced us to adapt and so we have created a very unique and special pub for the town and nearby Liverpool. Having the local knowledge has meant we could totally reposition the offer and create a great venue for everyone who just didn’t have anywhere to go. Red Oak has been invaluable during this time, supporting us with investment and rental discounts during the numerous lockdowns plus they provided extensive advice on grants and other help we could get. Their agreements are also flexible which has made creating our own cocktails, gin and rum menus and new wine list distinctive as we are free to source unique spirits and wines.

The place looks fantastic. We’ve now got a beautiful cosy pub with a brilliant outside eating and drinking area. I can’t wait to see more and more customers experience this special pub.

Working with Red Oak on the investment has been easy and they have supported the development every step of the way. ”

Debbie Ryder

Tenant Partner, The Horse & Jockey

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