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The tall ship

The Challenge

When Red Oak purchased the Tall Ship in 2019 it had a long standing reputation for good quality sea food. When our tenants decided to move on in 2021 we wanted to reposition it back to a more traditional community pub. Sam Nasrat took the pub on in June 2021 and set about changing the offering and getting to know his new locals. 

The Solution

The Tall Ship had been split up into 3 smaller areas over the years to suit the previous style of operation. To bring the traditional community feel back to the pub we opened the space up and gave the pub a complete refurbishment inside and out. Having operated the site for a year Sam was able to guide us on the things that were important to his customers and what would help him make the pub a success. 

Sam’s comments

“The new look pub is fantastic and our customers, whether they are locals or visitors to the Quays, love it.  With the new food and drink offer and the broad range of live music that features local artists, we are getting a strong following of people who want to spend time here; it’s a really inclusive place.

Working with Red Oak on this investment has been brilliant. They were very open to my ideas which were included in the final design for the pub.”

Sam Nasrat

Tenant Partner, The Tall Ship

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